Since our expansion into the inter modal network in 1992, S&R Trucking has become one of ONTARIO’S leading transportation carriers.

Acting as an interface between rail, sea and land, S&R Trucking services include domestic rail and international harbor drayage, regional truckload and dedicated distribution.
S&R Trucking has been following one philosophy since its inception – “Provide the customer with the best quality transportation service available.” This is a simple concept, but one that has always been a guiding force among our people, who are, first and foremost, transportation people.

This concept mirrors S&R Trucking very straightforward commitment to provide the best service in terms of quality and performance and to stand behind them with support of the same caliber. S&R Trucking success is based on a sense of responsibility, commitment to our breitling customers as PRIORITY ONE and a continuing dedication to transportation professionalism.

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